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Blue plastic grain, plastic polymer granules,hand hold Polymer pellets, Raw materials for

Advanced Marketing Int.​


Aluminum Pastes


Acid Chlorides

C&G Pigment
Synthetic Iron Oxides

Eagle Specialty Products


Solvent and Water-Borne Color Dispersions

Defoamers and Dispersants

Fixers and Driers

Oils, Waxes and Thickeners

Global Biocides Solutions, LLC.


Ayers International Logo.png

Ayers International Corporation


VAE Redispersable Powder

​DK Finechem
HEC and Other Cellulosic Thickeners



PVC Additives and Lubricants


Aqueous Dispersions

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Organic Dyes & Pigments


Specially Formulated Dyes for Coatings and other Industrial Applications

Norac Additives

Metallic Stearates (Calcium, Zinc and Aluminum)

Ca/Zn Heat Stabilizers

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