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Supplying resins and binders involves delivering essential components for various industries, such as paints, adhesives, and coatings. As a provider, ensuring a consistent quality of materials, timely distribution, and offering technical support enhances our role in facilitating the production of high-performance products for manufacturers in sectors like construction, automotive, and manufacturing.

Arnette Polymers

Epoxy Resins

Curing Agents

Reactive Diluents

Mercaptans, Novalacs, Oxazolidines


Polimeros Sinteticos


Alkyd Resins

Gum Rosin Derivatives

Polimeros Especiales

Acrylic Polymers

Styrenated Acrylic Copolymers​

Vinyl Acrylic Copolymers

Vinyl Acetate Homopolymers

Acrylic Thickeners & Dispersants



Hydrocarbon Resins (C5 & C9)

Hydrogenated Hydrocarbon Resins

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