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RMC provides mixing and filtration equipment, along with plastic, steel, and tinplate containers, which involves managing a diverse range of essential components for various industries. Our success in this multifaceted role requires expertise in both equipment technology and packaging materials, a commitment to quality assurance, and the ability to offer comprehensive solutions that meet the varied needs of clients across sectors such as manufacturing, chemicals, and food packaging.

Dutch Filtration

Liquid Filter Equipment & Consumables
Cartridge Filters 
Mauser Packaging

2-6 gallons Steel Pails
Morehouse Cowles

Mixers, dissolvers, & media milling equipment
MKS Plastics.jpg
MKS Plastics

Non-UN Rated Plastic Containers
Polyethylene Containers Inc
UN Rated Plastic Pails (2 gallons to 20 L)
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